Getting To Know More About Criminal Offences In Canada

We at Thapliyal and Rai had been giving our clients the best advice on criminal litigation cases. However, here is some important information on criminal offenses in Canada. Canada is a very strict about two very serious matters – domestic violence and drunken-driving. Domestic assault cases are unfortunately on the rise, in Canada. Many times the victim keeps quiet about domestic assault and battery because she/he is under the impression that this is a normal way of life in his particular social circle or society.

Many people are under the impression that women are targeted as domestic assault victims. You are going to be surprised to know that men can also be victims of domestic assault and emotional and physical trauma. Domestic violence is not restricted to cases related to your family members. You may find yourself emotionally, mentally, and emotionally traumatized by your friends or acquaintances too.

Many people keep quiet about this matter because they are under the impression that they have brought this persecution upon themselves, due to some reason or the other. This is definitely not true, nor is it acceptable and you do not deserve to be traumatized by anyone, ever.

So, if you are a victim of such persecution, Prashant Rai at Thapliyal and Rai, a professional law firm in Brampton is always there to help you with the best and confidential criminal law advice on these two serious topics and matters.

Getting arrested for drunken driving is a serious matter. Unfortunately, drunken-driving is normally common with youngsters and young adults and 36 % of the accidents caused in Canada were due to impaired driving. There has been an increase of about 18% in these statistics during the last five-years. This is rather disturbing and so here is some information about the consequences of drunken-driving.

First-time offenders are going to be heavily penalized. High alcohol concentration levels in your blood means that you are going to be banned from driving for up to 2 years. If you are a continuous offender there is a chance that your license is going to taken away. You will also have to pay a very heavy fine.

Manslaughter due to drunken and negligent driving is a very serious offense in Canada. We at Thapliyal and Rai are going to offer you efficient services in such cases. So, if you need to talk to us confidentially about any sort of criminal law matters, just get in touch with us right now over here.

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Prashant Rai is going to be there to give you the best advice and solution for your particular case.

Criminal Offences

What are the Legal Repercussions and Harmful Consequences of Domestic Violence Cases?

Did you know that a large number of criminal cases in Canada coming up in the court consisted of cases related to domestic assault and domestic violence? Sadly enough, they have been more than 22,000 cases last year, where people requested help and protection from domestic violence from the law. Our experienced legal team at Thapliyal and Rai are always ready to protect you from the harmful consequences of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual abuse. We are also going to give you the right advice on how you can prevent this abuse from influencing your life, health and psyche now and in the future.

Here are some of the potential harmful consequences of domestic assault:

Saying “sorry, I won’t do it again” is definitely not enough. Many people who assault and traumatize their family members, including their spouses and children apologize after a while. They are then forgiven and the family keeps quiet about such abuse, to keep the peace in the family and to prevent other people from knowing that they are the victims of this silent and continuous assault and battery.

Children brought up in such an atmosphere are going to grow up believing this to be a normal way of life. They are also going to be mentally and physically scarred and their emotional well-being is going to suffer. An abused child is always going to grow up to be an emotionally disturbed adult. They are then going to treat their spouses and children in such a manner in the future. This madness needs to be stopped right now and it can only be done when such matters are brought to the notice of the law.

Do you know that a large number of children undergoing domestic abuse from their family members hide this from their friends, teachers and acquaintances. Domestic abuse signs are explained away as “I fell down the stairs” or “I fell while playing in the park.” Thus, the abuser gets plenty of scope to continue with his unforgivable activity because he can get away with it and nobody is going to stop him.

We at Thapliyal and Rai lawyers in Mississauga promise you total confidentiality and help in such cases. Abusers are going to be prosecuted by Canadian criminal law through heavy penalties, imprisonment and other legal ways to prevent him/her from continuing with this unforgivable and unacceptable behavior. One might also become the victim of manslaughter in worst case scenarios, just because they were too scared to seek legal advice, help and guidance. You do not want that to happen to you or your children? The answer for all is one “NO”. So act now. If you know anybody who is being subjected to domestic abuse, contact us right away here.

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Prashant Rai is going to give you the best, most experienced and confidential help and domestic abuse services that you would require. Suffering in silence is definitely not an option. So, contact us at Thapliyal and Rai, Lawyers in Brampton for legal redress in domestic violence cases, right now.

Choosing The Right Immigration Consultants

Even though Canada “relaxed” its immigration rules – when compared to the UK or to the USA – in 2006, Canadian immigration processes and procedures are long and complex, lengthy and strict. That is why you need to know more about the best and most experienced immigration consultants, who can give you the best advice on a number of points pertaining to permanent or temporary immigration to Canada. We at Thapliyal & Rai Immigration Consultants in Mississauga are going to give you that important, necessary, and essential advice, depending on your case.

Just imagine that you have come to Canada on a skilled worker’s Visa or perhaps, you have decided to invest in a business in Canada. You want your family to join you here? What do you do under such circumstances? Easy – you contact us by clicking here and filling in this form right now. We are going to give you the best advice and guidance on how you need to proceed in a legal and proper systematic manner.

We at Thapliyal & Rai Immigration Consultants reunite families by arranging family class and spousal applications. You may also want to visit Canada on a tourist or a student visa.

Why are Canadian immigration rules so strict?

This is a question which a large number of our clients ask us. The answer is that Canada wants people who can contribute positively to its social, cultural, traditional and economical fabric. That is why, it wants people who are willing to work here in a dedicated fashion and raise their families in a much better and financially prosperous lifestyle than the one found in their native country. That is the reason why they make sure that the people migrating to their shores are able and willing to contribute positively towards the financial, economic, and rich social development and fabric of Canada. This is the reason why Canadian immigration rules are so strict. Naturally, we at Thapliyal & Rai Immigration lawyers in Brampton are going to give you the best legal advice on how you can get your family to join you in the prosperous land of Canada.

Should I go in for a temporary Visa or should I go in for a permanent Visa?

Temporary Visas are for all those people who are visiting Canada for a short period of time. These include students and tourists. If you have a work contract in a Canadian company, you are going to be given a temporary visa. Also, if you are married to a Canadian citizen and want to join him/her there, you are going to be given temporary permission to join your spouse in Canada.

Permanent Visas are for all those people who intend to stay in Canada and bring up their families there. This option is normally chosen by professionals, businessmen, skilled professionals and even people who are sponsored by family members already living in Canada.

So now that you know a little bit about Canadian immigration rules and visas, we at Thapliyal & Rai Immigration Consultants in both Brampton and Mississauga are always available for a free consultation here.

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So talk to us right now and get the best advice on how best we can help you bring your family to Canada.

How Best Can A Family Lawyer Help You?

Thaplial and Rai – law firm family lawyers have been providing expert and experienced advice and support in a number of family law areas, including divorce.

So how can the advice of an experienced family lawyer help you?

The breaking up of a family through a painful divorce is always a very traumatic affair. Every marriage ceremony says these sacred words in some form or the other “to have and to hold till death do thee part.” That is the reason why the word divorce is still considered to be anathema in many cultures, societies, civilizations and religions. However, sometimes circumstances and situations make it necessary for one to pursue for divorce. That is where you would need the help of professional and experienced lawyers. This is where THAPLIYAL & RAI – LAW FIRM family lawyer in Brampton and Mississauga comes in.

We also specialize in these different family law areas and fields:

Separation and your Separation Agreement: You may want to separate from your spouse and you want a separation agreement made, instead of going in for a divorce. Trial separation periods are always better for families, especially of Asian origin, where we still hold to traditional family and social values and “divorce” is a bad word in our social fabric.

Divorce: If you think that there is no alternative or option left but divorce, we are here at THAPLIYAL & RAI, to give you the best advice, help and guidance, counsel and information on Canadian and Ontario family law regarding divorce.

Murarilal Thapliyal, lawyer in Brampton takes care of these cases as well as of his clients. He understands the fact that they are going through emotional, physical, mental and spiritual hurt and trauma. That is where he uses all his experience to advise and guide his clients through this painful breakup stage and situation.

Child Custody and Child Support is an issue, which needs to be handled very carefully, because these innocents are often the victims of matrimonial disputes and an ongoing and sometimes acrimonious battle between their parents. We are going to give you the best advice on child support and child custody, so that they do not have to suffer more when their loving family breaks up. In the same manner, we also take care of spousal support concerns.

Family Property Division is a very delicate issue on which we are going to give you the right advice and guidance. Naturally, all this advice in any field of family law is going to be totally confidential. Along with this, you are going to get proper advice from our lawyers in Brampton with better cost, lower legal fees and the normal time period which a legal process takes before the case is closed. Along with this, Mr.Murarilal Thapliyal, lawyer in Mississauga is also going to advise you on the different options which are open to you before you decide to take the final step of divorce.

So now that you know how best we at Thapliyal and Rai can help you, you can contact us for free guidance, confidentially by clicking here.

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