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What are the Legal Repercussions and Harmful Consequences of Domestic Violence Cases?

Did you know that a large number of criminal cases in Canada coming up in the court consisted of cases related to domestic assault and domestic violence? Sadly enough, they have been more than 22,000 cases last year, where people requested help and protection from domestic violence from the law. Our experienced legal team at Thapliyal and Rai are always ready to protect you from the harmful consequences of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual abuse. We are also going to give you the right advice on how you can prevent this abuse from influencing your life, health and psyche now and in the future.

Here are some of the potential harmful consequences of domestic assault:

Saying “sorry, I won’t do it again” is definitely not enough. Many people who assault and traumatize their family members, including their spouses and children apologize after a while. They are then forgiven and the family keeps quiet about such abuse, to keep the peace in the family and to prevent other people from knowing that they are the victims of this silent and continuous assault and battery.

Children brought up in such an atmosphere are going to grow up believing this to be a normal way of life. They are also going to be mentally and physically scarred and their emotional well-being is going to suffer. An abused child is always going to grow up to be an emotionally disturbed adult. They are then going to treat their spouses and children in such a manner in the future. This madness needs to be stopped right now and it can only be done when such matters are brought to the notice of the law.

Do you know that a large number of children undergoing domestic abuse from their family members hide this from their friends, teachers and acquaintances. Domestic abuse signs are explained away as “I fell down the stairs” or “I fell while playing in the park.” Thus, the abuser gets plenty of scope to continue with his unforgivable activity because he can get away with it and nobody is going to stop him.

We at Thapliyal and Rai lawyers in Mississauga promise you total confidentiality and help in such cases. Abusers are going to be prosecuted by Canadian criminal law through heavy penalties, imprisonment and other legal ways to prevent him/her from continuing with this unforgivable and unacceptable behavior. One might also become the victim of manslaughter in worst case scenarios, just because they were too scared to seek legal advice, help and guidance. You do not want that to happen to you or your children? The answer for all is one “NO”. So act now. If you know anybody who is being subjected to domestic abuse, contact us right away here.

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Prashant Rai is going to give you the best, most experienced and confidential help and domestic abuse services that you would require. Suffering in silence is definitely not an option. So, contact us at Thapliyal and Rai, Lawyers in Brampton for legal redress in domestic violence cases, right now.

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